Saturday, 8 November 2008

Busan Part One

Visited a friend from TU Berlin Taekwondo, Julia, who is currently doing a master's in biotechnology at a university in Busan (thanks again for letting me camp on your (heated) floor!! :) ). Busan (or Pusan to match the pronounciation better) is South Korea's 2nd largest city and a harbour (and seafood) city, close to Japan.
In the subway, the stations are announced first in Korean, then in English (as in Seoul) and the main stations are additionally announced in Japanese and finally Chinese. The signs are also written in all four languages.

I will post some more photos of Busan at another time, first some photos from the seeeea :D

Gwangalli Beach and the bridge (that changes its colour)

C'est moi at the harbour

Haeundae Beach

(funny "no smoking" sign in the back)

I stayed 3-4 days in Busan, so more photos to come!

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