Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Best Wishes from the Beeeeach

Taejongdae Park near (?) Busan. The nice bus driver recommended a route for me (despite my crappy Korean :P).

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Busan Part 2

went w/ Julia to a "Latino" Bar where there were African masks at the wall and American sports themed table decoration. Oooo-kaaaay... The waiter was very eager to talk English to us...

When taking the taxi back after we missed the last subway by about 5mins (duh), we had some difficulties explaining the driver where we wanted to go since we didn't speak Busan dialect. (On a side note: I find Busan dialect to be really funny... sort of melodious in a weird way and hard to understand). When he finally understood our destination [동서 ], he repeated it fiercly in Busan dialect pronounciation [동스!!!!], correcting us stupid foreigners ;).

One of Busan's most famous spots is the Jagalchi Fish Market, some selected photos and a short video (nothing for vegetarians or even carnivores with a weak heart: FULL OF GORE!)

Though Busan Tower is not as stylish as Seoul Tower, it still allows a beautiful view over the city:
(I recommend to click on the photos or you won't see the ships!!)

On my way to the United Nations Memorial Cemetery...

... unfortunately I was too late and they were closed already :P so here's a photo of a photo of the cemetery...

On my way back a nice ajuhshi asked me whether I was from Seoul (err no, Germany) and despite my horrible Korean abilities chatted with me all the way to the subway station, asking me things like "At what age do people marry in Germany?"
Something like this would never happen in Seoul. Some people like it, some don't and prefer to be left alone.

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Saturday, 8 November 2008

Busan Part One

Visited a friend from TU Berlin Taekwondo, Julia, who is currently doing a master's in biotechnology at a university in Busan (thanks again for letting me camp on your (heated) floor!! :) ). Busan (or Pusan to match the pronounciation better) is South Korea's 2nd largest city and a harbour (and seafood) city, close to Japan.
In the subway, the stations are announced first in Korean, then in English (as in Seoul) and the main stations are additionally announced in Japanese and finally Chinese. The signs are also written in all four languages.

I will post some more photos of Busan at another time, first some photos from the seeeea :D

Gwangalli Beach and the bridge (that changes its colour)

C'est moi at the harbour

Haeundae Beach

(funny "no smoking" sign in the back)

I stayed 3-4 days in Busan, so more photos to come!

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Friday, 7 November 2008

Cut it off brutally!!

Met my cousin in Myeongdong (명동) to go to the hairdresser and the "Nail Shop", afterwards we met one of our uncles for some Japanese Shabu Shabu. The hairdresser included a short neck massage and the nail shop a short hand massage. *sigh*, I wish the service was like this in Germany...
Not sure how much the nail service was cos my cousin treated me but heck, who has so much time?? First they cut off the excessive skin from the nail area, then they use several other layers of I-don't-know-what, then the vernice, more layers, then you get to dry the nails under some kind of nail dryer thingy for about 20 min. But even after this time I wasn't able to even slightly touch my nails (like when getting something from my inside my bag) for the next 45mins! The vernice was already ruined... Also I can't use chopsticks w/o touching my nails :(.
Here are some photos of my cousin, me (w/ the new haircut) and the shabu shabu!

14th November

"Ein Bild fuer die Goetter!" - wasn't able to take a good photo of these scenes w/o coming off as a total stalker... so use your imagination.
Friday afternoon in the Coex Mall in a game center: two schoolgirls (in uniform) and a business man (in a suit and tie) brutally splattering monsters with machine guns. You should have seen the (virtual blood) and the two school girls with the guns kehehe...

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