Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Busan Part 2

went w/ Julia to a "Latino" Bar where there were African masks at the wall and American sports themed table decoration. Oooo-kaaaay... The waiter was very eager to talk English to us...

When taking the taxi back after we missed the last subway by about 5mins (duh), we had some difficulties explaining the driver where we wanted to go since we didn't speak Busan dialect. (On a side note: I find Busan dialect to be really funny... sort of melodious in a weird way and hard to understand). When he finally understood our destination [동서 ], he repeated it fiercly in Busan dialect pronounciation [동스!!!!], correcting us stupid foreigners ;).

One of Busan's most famous spots is the Jagalchi Fish Market, some selected photos and a short video (nothing for vegetarians or even carnivores with a weak heart: FULL OF GORE!)

Though Busan Tower is not as stylish as Seoul Tower, it still allows a beautiful view over the city:
(I recommend to click on the photos or you won't see the ships!!)

On my way to the United Nations Memorial Cemetery...

... unfortunately I was too late and they were closed already :P so here's a photo of a photo of the cemetery...

On my way back a nice ajuhshi asked me whether I was from Seoul (err no, Germany) and despite my horrible Korean abilities chatted with me all the way to the subway station, asking me things like "At what age do people marry in Germany?"
Something like this would never happen in Seoul. Some people like it, some don't and prefer to be left alone.

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Blogger vfrbud commented...

nice pics of Busan. It looks rather Hong Kong-ish, although probably not as modern. (I haven't been to either; just judging by the pic).

2 December 2008 at 18:34


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