Saturday, 31 May 2008


So finally on May 31st I took the ferry Katamaran with Eduardo (an intern from Brazil) to Constance. I liked Constance so much more than Friedrichshafen :(, the city is so cute, I love the small alleys, reminds me of [Portugal]...
Though I must say I like the esplanade better in Friedrichshafen (FN) but there's more life (and shops...) in Constance (KN).
We took the Katamaran in the afternoon and returned at night. It's very comfortable in the ferry, but it also costs 9€ one-way...

I can't be arsed to choose and edit my photos, so here goes:

[Photos Constance]


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Saturday, 24 May 2008

things to do when alone

i had planned to take the ferry to [Constance] today but when i got up in the morning the weather (yesterday: sunny) was kinda greyish. i spent the noon sluggishly, wrote half a covering letter and sent a 'career'-related e-mail. in the afternoon i wanted to call my dad from a calling shop (or whatever you call these things) after i hadn't called him up for the last half yr. (not my fault, there are only 3h 6 days a week that i can reach him by phone - of course during my working hours).

later i had an ice coffee at the promenade, the weather was sweltry (schwül).
at the weekends i like to sit in a café and read a (work-related) book.

^ the book i'm currently reading (besides some other books...) and the new [purse] that i bought yesterday for 16,90€

after the caffeine and the inspiring book i felt the urge to hurry back home and start writing/organizing but on my way back i bumped into a mop of people.

Fair of the Month:

[Klassikwelt am See] (Oldtimer Show)

There were no cars on the streets yet, though, and I had enough time to go back home and get my camera with which i filmed a bit

(My first YouTube Upload!!)

After a while i got tired and there were rumors that the show would last until 9 p.m. Damn, i didn't want to stand there another one and a half hours so i went home to make dinner and eat. At 8 p.m. I went back to see the rest of the show (hadn't seen any airplanes) but ppl were just going home.

When i went back home i felt like exploring the neighbourhood. i had taken my landlord's bike again (feeling a bit guilty about that), he's on holidays (again) and my own bike that i bought from Chris was a bit... uhm... weird atm. Something's wrong w/ the drive chain... And since i'm a total bike noob i need someone (my landlord??) to have a look at it and FIX it...

after a while the neighbourhood wasn't enough and i went further until an "adventure park" in [Immenstaad] - that i didn't find (i saw a soccer field though and a forest).
i think the distance (one-way) is at least 9 km.

on my way back i had to stop to take a shot of this beautiful sight... the mountains in the distance...
(click to enlarge)


i fell in love w/ the bike... but it's already taken *sob*. (same as w/ the men, eh)

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Thursday, 22 May 2008

from the nursery to the attic

Chris, the American exchange student at the [Zeppelin University], went back to the United States (for ten days, then he will go to Taiwan for an internship), that means I could finally move into the room I'm actually renting. Bye-bye, Kinderzimmer! I prefer my attic room eventhough it's smaller.

Let me share some photos of my room Smilie by

^ bed and "sofa"
(I call the cushion on the floor my sofa)

apparently enough space for aaaaall my stuff!

Since the viper was only borrowed from my landlord, I bought Chris' bike, blanket and soap for 55€. After his departure, though, I saw he left some more things he couldn't take w/ him. I found water (Volvic), juice, body creme, more blankets, a lock for the bike (already got one), a hell of a lota q-tips, a lighter, some cents, stamps, a shoebox (the Converse one, I use it to put in items), ketchup, a beer (Corona) and... two boxershorts Smilie by one of which is a leopard boxershort... I kid you not.

Last Monday the students organization at the company had a barbecue at the Canoe Club , unfortunately not enough ppl wanted to take part in the [dragon boat] competition but I think my office will have one in July or so.
The barbecue was yummy. We were supposed to bring our own "Wecken", that's the local term here for "Brötchen" (bun, bread roll). I nearly said "Schrippen" though when I bought them cos the Fin (see below) and I talked about the different words in German dialects for it. I had never heard "Wecken" before, I only knew "Semmeln" (Bavarian).
Anyways, I think the "Wecken" here are much better (and on top of it cheaper) than then "Schrippen" in Berlin.

The last thing I will post for today is a photo of a big 'Männerfreundschaft' Smilie by
mechanical engineering student from Braunschweig and the half-Finnish (half-German) intern from my division

aaaw, how romantic, the two at the lake Smilie by
The Fin called me a paparazz'i' and the Braunschweiger said I was affiliated w/ the Mossad for taking this exclusive photo...

will probably post again soon. Today's a holiday here in BaWü and I have tomorrow off, too. I spent more than 2h writing a covering letter. Tomorrow I will have my picture taken and go shop for 'business clothes', or...?
I'm all alone at home, Chris is gone, my German flatmate is in Heidelberg (his home) and my landlord is visiting his brother somewhere near Stuttgart. So it's only me and the daddy longlegs (Weberknecht).

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Sunday, 18 May 2008

the weather got cooler here, Berlin's much sunnier at the moment.
feels a lot like Oporto now... rain, a big mass of water that - covered by the fog - seems to be a sea. Speaking of water... Lake Constance is too clean! The fishes don't find enough nutrients. Proof:

Afterall I couldn't go to Bern the last weekend (Pentecost), next week will be a short week, too. Work: Mon-Wed, then Thursday "Fronleichnam" (Corpus Christi), Fri I'm obliged to take a day off, then Sat-Sun normal weekend... Summa sumarum 3 days of work and 4 days off. And I didn't find a place to go to, all the youth hostel beds are already taken. I even thought about going to other places in Germany (northwards) but it's all 60€ one-way w/ bahncard. So I think I will just stay here again and get some work done *sigh*. Aaah, I'm waisting all the long extended weekends *sob*.
Baden-Württemberg has approximately 5 days more holidays than Berlin.

Quote of the week:
(click to enlarge)

Das Land auf der anderen Seite kenne ich nicht.
Es ist ein Märchenland.
Ich kann alles hineinträumen.

"The country on the other side, I don't know it.
It's a fairyland.
I can dream anything into it."

Switzerland and Austria will have to wait...
I might take the "fairy" to Constance, though. (haha, nice pun...)

I already got to know a lot of other students and saw the best student locations in Friedrichshafen: the [Beach Club], a bar directly at the water and the students bar [Belushi] (Es gibt einen kostenlosen Kicker!!).
Too bad (?) I don't like "Hefeweizen", I see myself drinking "Seeradler" all the time now cos... the other option would be to drink Beck's (yuck)... also since I have to go home by bike afterwards... it's better like this!, often I just drink a [Rivella]([]), which is a drink from Switzerland containing LactoSerum, similarly to Calpico/Calpis from Japan in case anyone knows that one.

Swabain Youtube Vid of the Week:

Star Wars in Swabian

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Wednesday, 7 May 2008

fighting the viper

telephoning so much (flat rate!) and working a lot, too (9h + breaks = 10h) I don't even have time to spam my friends w/ a newsletter, let alone keep you guys posted on here.

I wanted to share a photo of the bike my landlord lent me:

hot design, eh?...
I have to admit it took me a day or two to get used to it. The saddle's still kinda painful.

I definetly have to post some beautiful photos of Friedrichshafen asap but for now, the quote of the week:

Wenn ich um den See fahre, fällt mir auf, dass ich gehörig im Ausland bin.
"When I go around the lake I realize that I'm very much abroad." - how true... (but more next time)

And to keep you people entertained until the next blog entry
tadaaaa, the Swabian youtube vid of the week:
Die Hard 4.0 in Swabian (Stirb langsam 4.0 auf Schwäbisch)

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Saturday, 3 May 2008

the foreboding

back in Berlin there were already signs...

Milk from Lake Constance (Bodensee). Seen in a shop on the platform of Berlin subway station "Zoologischer Garten" (U9)

"Nett hier. Aber waren Sie schon mal in Baden-Württemberg?" - "It's quite nice here. But have you ever been to Baden-Württemberg?"

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