Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Little bit of this an' that, Churches and Abundance

22nd October

another dam in Jeollabukdo

somewhere in the mountains in Jeollabukdo

Ewhwa Women's University has an integrated modern shopping mall that features - besides a rather big book store - several fast food restaurants, a hair dresser, an optician,...
Ewhwa is the most expensive women's university in Seoul and is surrounded by lots of girly stores selling clothes, make-up, ... there are a lot of caf? and body shop-like shops. A true women's paradise! (They even have a small IKEA)

26th October, near Seoul (outskirt)
One of the biggest modern churches in Korea (there are churches EVERYwhere*)
"Soon Bogeum Full Gospel Church"
from the outside

from the inside

Manga-esque Jesus as a different type of saviour: a screensaver :P

And for the safety (?) at home: PIN-based appartment door locks, no key needed (just don't let anyone observe you while entering the code/house...)

The "mothership" in Yeoido (Yeoido, might post more about Yeoido some other time)

Please put your donations here (right on the other side there's a bank machine ATM ;) )

* Churches are among the things you can find practically anywhere (at least at every other middle-sized street), normally they are situated in normal rooms, sometimes they have their own building.
Other things that you will find anywhere and in abundance:

really I wonder who buys all these glasses and contact lenses??!
Also there are a lot of (clean!) public toilets, drink vending machines but very few waste baskets - still Seoul is very clean and very little trash lies around. I wonder how that works...


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