Friday, 17 October 2008

Shimpo Harbor and the Stray Cat Vagabond

Overlooking the countryside
A promise of lasting love at the platform...

Near Seokchi Village there is Shimpo Harbour (Shimpo Hang).

Fresh seafood.

Seokchi Village
I found three frogs in my granny's apple tree!

I still wonder what frogs are doing in an apple tree?! besides just hanging out ;)
This little vagabond comes to hide between the kimchi pots in our backyard.

Apparently a Mischling (mongrel) like me.
I don't know where this little vagabond found this dried squid but it hopelessly failed at chewing it (and it *is* quite tough)...

... so I gave him/her some fish

Timidly looking from behind the kimchi pots vagabond.

(Why do I feel like my buddy B. will feel like giving me a cat for X-Mas/b-day/... again after reading this post?...)

Some creatures just need to run freely.

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