Monday, 15 September 2008

" they flicker then die..."

Every star has a season, a moment, a reason to be.
We may watch with regret as they flicker then die,
But at least for one second we bathed in the light
Of their passing, the memory still lasting.

Gloria Estefan "Your Picture"

"Amor de Ping e Pong"

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Saturday, 13 September 2008

back from Oslo

So I'm back from Kiel and Oslo...
i took about 345 photos most of which you can find here (click the title in [...]):

[Kiel, Germany]

[Oslo City]

[ferries and Scandinavian sea]

[Oslo Park]

(diese komische Skischanze, die abgerissen werden soll)

(viking ships etc.)

[Hotel Thon Opera]

[Opera Oslo]

A frikkin beer in Oslo costs 5,50€ - 8€ WTF!!
but I just spent 11€ altogether.
2€ for three postcards and 9€ for a "Norwegian Prince" including tip (see ferry photos).
Oslo is beautiful, but very expensive.

I ate so much on the ferry and in the hotel, though. Buffet and a luxurious meal w/ soup, duck and mango whatnot dessert (and a chocolate cube that was complicated to eat).
Norwegian food: salmon (yummy!!!!) and prawns... *drool*

The ferry was hilariously luxurious and when I got in, I thought I was in a fancy shopping center. Turned out to be rather boring when you don't want to spend extra money...
I got a cabin for myself when the other four girls had to share one (two girls per cabin). Well, can't divide 5 by 2 w/o odds!

It's weird, I was away 5 days and when I got back to Friedrichshafen, I already felt like a stranger. I think I get used to new situations too easily.
I don't think I mind sleeping in hotel rooms :P.

I also liked Kiel. I can totally feel the East-Frisian/Northern German in me ;)

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