Sunday, 27 July 2008

Korean and Mongolian Music@FN Kulturufer

Kulturufer in Friedrichshafen (culture shore) It lasts more than a week. I wanted to see what kind of events there'd be tonight and I found this

Traditionelle Klänge aus Korea und der Mongolei
Die Stücke von Samul Nori (Spiel der vier Dinge) basieren auf traditioneller koreanischer Perkussionsmusik. Es sind archaische, wuchtig pulsierende Klänge mit Trommeln und Gongs mit mitreißendem Groove, der seinesgleichen sucht.
Enkh Jargal spielt die Morin Khoor (Pferdegeige), auf der er die alten Melodien der mongolischen Hofmusik intoniert. Seine Stimme reicht über fünf Oktaven, vom abgrundtiefen Schamanengesang (Kharhira) bis zum Obertongesang (Xöömi) ohne jede Attitüde und esoterisches Beiwerk, einfach als Wunder der Natur.

I love Korean [Samulnori] and I had never seen Mongolian [overtone singing] live!

I really enjoyed it. Made me want to go to Asia more... made me crave kim-chee, too *lol*

The audience loved it, too. They didn't stop clapping their hands and cheering. There were two encores. The Koreans and the Mongolian (he spoke German very well, the Koreans came directly from Korea) played together, too.
I filmed the 2nd encore (Zugabe, scroll down), it was all a jam (Improvisation).

Enkh Jargal, the Mongolian singer, was funny. Once one could hear a sirene outside and he started imitating it w/ overtone singing. He rapped once, too (see jam as well). Since the only German phrase the Korean leader of the group, King Ju Hong, could say was "Danke schön" (thank you very much), Enkh Jargal during the jam (see video below) started rapping "Danke schön", animating the Koreans to rap that, too.

People buying CDs after the show

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Saturday, 12 July 2008


12/07/08 Seehasenfest (Lake Rabbit Festival)

Funfair and lots of beer.
On Saturday there was fireworks.

And a glas that I got me hehe...

It says "Seehasenbier/Friedrichshafen/Meckatzer"

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Monday, 7 July 2008

BMW, Munich

On 07/07 we visited BMW in Munich, no photos from the guided tour (top secret). I liked the automation robots the most. They were the coolest!
Our tour guide was from North Germany and he had problems pronouncing "engineer" in German. He said "Injenjör" instead. That was quite funny. Reminds me of my granny (also from North Germany) who says "yeans, yob" instead of "jeans, job".

Before BMW we went to the famous Munich Hofbräuhaus. I didn't find it to be anything special. And the waiters were very unfriendly.

Some selected photos of that day



BMW in Munich

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Saturday, 5 July 2008

Heiiiiiiidi, Heidi, Deine Welt sind die Berge

On July the 5th we went hiking and climbed [Mountain Hochhäderich], in Allgäu Alpes.

It was great fun!!

(Click Photos to enlarge)

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Wednesday, 2 July 2008

knights dinner

In Aulendorf (beyond Ravensburg, seen from Friedrichshafen) we had a knights dinner. Though called "Ritteressen" in German we didn't get to eat any knights... but we had to eat w/ our bare hands (and a knife). We even had a bard who talked like in the old times. Some guests also had to interact in little games. There was a big bread, a soup and lots of meat.

Thou shall see in the photos

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