Thursday, 28 August 2008

a farewell

Friedrichshafen at Night

Farewell Stammtisch in [Beach Club]

i know, i know, the flash was too bright...

a fountain!

(took the photo for S.)

the last one's my favourite :)

I will miss you, guys!! S2


a video I took the Sunday after, Lake Constance before the rain

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Sunday, 24 August 2008

es ist vorbei bye-bye Junimond

Last party for the students.

everyone loves Julian!

"true love only exist between men"

didn't have as much fun as it looks... :(
aber man muss ja den Schein bewahren.


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Saturday, 23 August 2008


Went to Lindau w/ Felix and Sebi and had an expensive Pizza in a pizzeria w/ unfriendly waiters.
It is an island city on the Bavarian side of Lake Constance

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Sunday, 17 August 2008



Friday: Billiard...

and [Lukullum] ([reviews])


Saturday: Club "Zirkuss" (cirkiss) in Friedrichshafen

Matthew (Great Britain) & Ronny (Wildau)

[Zirkuss]: average age: 14 BUT Becks 1€, RedBull/Desperados; 1,50€...

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Sunday, 10 August 2008


Went to Technorama w/ Sergej, Tobi and Terrence.
Tobi, Terrence and I went from Friedrichshafen to Meersburg where we took the ferry to Constance and then Sergej took us to Winterthur in Switzerland.

Had to park Tobi's car in Meersburg which was quite expensive. On the parking there was this sad sheep.

[Technorama] was fun! I just wish we had been there earlier so that we could have spent more time in it.

There was a mind game: the one relaxing the most (thinking less), won!

Sergej always won but then we found out the electrodes on the left side were broken...

Things I want for my living room, kehehehe

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Saturday, 9 August 2008

Konstanzer Seenacht

Seenacht in Constance.

Sebi drove us (Chris, Svenja, Stefan and me) there not w/o getting lost on the way. Met René, Tommy and others there. Was quite expensive... 12€ when buying in advance, 15€ when buying the ticket there and still 10€ after the fireworks.
There were fireworks from German side (Constance) and from Swiss side (Kreuzlingen), though we must admit that the Swiss one was the better one!

The whole city was totally crowded and we had troubles finding a parking lot. Afterall it was easy to find back cos I had been in Constance before and remembered the area a bit.
There were several stages and we went to see the SWR3 show.

trophy photos

Ate cotton candy w/ Sebi. Yumyum, like in childhood times...

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Saturday, 2 August 2008

Berlin Interlude

Little prolonged weekend in Berlin, lots to do.
I ate a hell of a lot, my mom made great meals and we also went out for lunch at [Ishin], very yummy. The kind of restaurants I miss here in Friedrichshafen. Also met my friends for some drinks and some weird event at Uni.

Went to the cinema w/ Robert to see Kungfu Panda in English!
And went to an exhibition on bionics w/ all of them - T-man was the only one who got to see the 2nd floor within the opening hours, though...

Some robots (me loves robots)

like this photo ^

Kung Fu Panda trailer in Brazilian and European Portuguese

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