Saturday, 7 March 2009

Viva Colonia

20th - 22nd February I was in Cologne (Köln) w/ the Canadians. And yes, it was Carnival! Not one of the special Carnival days but still the city was one big party (see video below).
On the first evening (when the girls were still in Berlin) Phil and I enjoyed some Ethiopian (finger)food, yumyum

Is there anything better than going out for a great meal??!

(This was in a Korean restaurant in Berlin. I'm not in the photo cos I took it... obviously...)

But back to Cologne!

Never have I seen so many Pfannkuchen in my life... And no, dear people they're NOT "Berliner" - for all you non-Germans: I'm talking about jam-filled German donuts that we eat during carnival ^^. Apparently they're called "Berliner" everywhere in Germany except for Berlin.

^ not so funny for me as a Berliner :P ;)

Speaking of which. When I was taking a photo of one huuuuuge "mountain" of Pfannkuchen, a man behind me said to his wife "Look at her, she's taking a photo of the Berliner."
Maybe he thought I didn't understand German, maybe he really thought taking photos of food was something weird (pardon me??), either way: I turned around and said:

"That are not Berliner, they're Pfannkuchen. :)"
(I think he didn't get it, it should imply that I'm from Berlin, well whatever...)

Here's the shot:

It was extremely difficult to get a typical Cologne beer (Kölsch) in the supermarket even in the afternoon!! Also the champagne was all gone. All that was left was non-alcoholic beer, beers from other areas and weird mixes like Cappucino-Beer *yuck*. Prove for the "Biernotstand":

We also met Nicole, a friend of mine who's doing her phd in Berlin but is originally from the Cologen area.

I got the tiger gloves in Korea, they're "normal" gloves for kids! Unfortunately, I lost them in Cologne :(

I finally found a way to show you most of the (thousands...) of photos I like to take :P. I made a slideshow (plus two short videos at the end) and uploaded it to youtube. If you have an account there, please comment/rate :)

The editing might not be the best, I apologize.

Here's one personal photo, I know you wanted to see those.

my t-shirt was a b-day present from Bert!
(yey for (too expensive) George Gina & Lucy bags...)

And I like this photo: my two Canadian (ok, one German-Canadian-...<-- NOT talking about Emily here hehe) friends having Reibekuchen w/ Apfelmus

That's all for now, folks!
I plan to post the rest of my photos/experiences in Korea soon (?). Did you really think it stopped at Busan?!
Until then: take care :)

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