Friday, 10 October 2008

My Soul is Home or Seoul is my Home

When the plane came down to Korea, I was sighing... 15 years have passed since I last came here. I was only 11 yrs old back then.
Landed savely and alone (... that's another story :( ) at Incheon Airport where two of my uncles were there to welcome me. One of them I hadn't seen in 15 years.

We went to Seoul by car which took quite a while and I was rather calm, my heart only started flutterling when I saw town, the busy streets, all the colourful signs... Seoul is huge. 10 million inhabitants in the main city and a lot more when you count in the surrounding areas. Where I am now (near Madeul subway station) and where yet another of my uncles lives take 1.5 h by subway. It will probably not cost more than 2000 Won, though, to get there, i.e. about 1.20EUR (would probably cost 8.80EUR in Munich...).
Walked about the city near Madeul in a wonderful late summer day. I had only brought my boots b/c I wanted to buy sneakers (or probably another pair of taekwondo shoes hehe) in Korea. Ppl must have thought I was crazy to wear them in such weather...

By the way... I had this white so-called milk spot (milia/Milien) in my face for the last years and since it was right under my right eye, I thought of it as a tear. I know this sounds kitschy...

Anyways, ... while sitting in the car in Seoul, I had the sudden urge to scratch it and it just came off after all this time, normally you're supposed to see a doctor or a cosmetologist for it, but yesterday it just came off in Seoul.
Maybe it was a tear that grew with my longing (saudade/Sehnsucht) for Korea and when I came to Korea, that longing was extinguished.

Enough of the kitsch, some photos!

Seoul is full of these apartments, my uncle's in Madeul is house no. 1301, I hope I will find my way back...
By the way, my cousin is preparing for university entry exams and comes back home at 11 pm, leaving home at 7.30 am...

Ther are several mountains in Seoul.

typical case of TMI (too much information ;) )

And this ain't even the city center

weeheee, accessories on sale! (1000Won = 60 EUR cent)

hmmmm, street shops, food everywhere

Speaking of food... I think I will burst any time soon. My uncle wants the best for me and so I have to eat all the time :p.
In Korea, breakfast is a normal warm meal so today I ate a warm meal at 7.30 am with 1.5 cups of rice (I ate half a cup then my uncle exchanged the cup with a new one that had hot rice...) and at 11.30 am I had lunch (Korean vegetable pan cake), though I wasn't hungry at all. This morning I was still stuffed with yesterday's meals and feasts...

You'll read of me should I not burst...
Tonight I'm seeing my best friend who's been in Seoul for 2 months already. We're probably going out w/ friends of hers. :)


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