Saturday, 9 August 2008

Konstanzer Seenacht

Seenacht in Constance.

Sebi drove us (Chris, Svenja, Stefan and me) there not w/o getting lost on the way. Met René, Tommy and others there. Was quite expensive... 12€ when buying in advance, 15€ when buying the ticket there and still 10€ after the fireworks.
There were fireworks from German side (Constance) and from Swiss side (Kreuzlingen), though we must admit that the Swiss one was the better one!

The whole city was totally crowded and we had troubles finding a parking lot. Afterall it was easy to find back cos I had been in Constance before and remembered the area a bit.
There were several stages and we went to see the SWR3 show.

trophy photos

Ate cotton candy w/ Sebi. Yumyum, like in childhood times...

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