Saturday, 24 May 2008

things to do when alone

i had planned to take the ferry to [Constance] today but when i got up in the morning the weather (yesterday: sunny) was kinda greyish. i spent the noon sluggishly, wrote half a covering letter and sent a 'career'-related e-mail. in the afternoon i wanted to call my dad from a calling shop (or whatever you call these things) after i hadn't called him up for the last half yr. (not my fault, there are only 3h 6 days a week that i can reach him by phone - of course during my working hours).

later i had an ice coffee at the promenade, the weather was sweltry (schwül).
at the weekends i like to sit in a café and read a (work-related) book.

^ the book i'm currently reading (besides some other books...) and the new [purse] that i bought yesterday for 16,90€

after the caffeine and the inspiring book i felt the urge to hurry back home and start writing/organizing but on my way back i bumped into a mop of people.

Fair of the Month:

[Klassikwelt am See] (Oldtimer Show)

There were no cars on the streets yet, though, and I had enough time to go back home and get my camera with which i filmed a bit

(My first YouTube Upload!!)

After a while i got tired and there were rumors that the show would last until 9 p.m. Damn, i didn't want to stand there another one and a half hours so i went home to make dinner and eat. At 8 p.m. I went back to see the rest of the show (hadn't seen any airplanes) but ppl were just going home.

When i went back home i felt like exploring the neighbourhood. i had taken my landlord's bike again (feeling a bit guilty about that), he's on holidays (again) and my own bike that i bought from Chris was a bit... uhm... weird atm. Something's wrong w/ the drive chain... And since i'm a total bike noob i need someone (my landlord??) to have a look at it and FIX it...

after a while the neighbourhood wasn't enough and i went further until an "adventure park" in [Immenstaad] - that i didn't find (i saw a soccer field though and a forest).
i think the distance (one-way) is at least 9 km.

on my way back i had to stop to take a shot of this beautiful sight... the mountains in the distance...
(click to enlarge)


i fell in love w/ the bike... but it's already taken *sob*. (same as w/ the men, eh)

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