Sunday, 18 May 2008

the weather got cooler here, Berlin's much sunnier at the moment.
feels a lot like Oporto now... rain, a big mass of water that - covered by the fog - seems to be a sea. Speaking of water... Lake Constance is too clean! The fishes don't find enough nutrients. Proof:

Afterall I couldn't go to Bern the last weekend (Pentecost), next week will be a short week, too. Work: Mon-Wed, then Thursday "Fronleichnam" (Corpus Christi), Fri I'm obliged to take a day off, then Sat-Sun normal weekend... Summa sumarum 3 days of work and 4 days off. And I didn't find a place to go to, all the youth hostel beds are already taken. I even thought about going to other places in Germany (northwards) but it's all 60€ one-way w/ bahncard. So I think I will just stay here again and get some work done *sigh*. Aaah, I'm waisting all the long extended weekends *sob*.
Baden-Württemberg has approximately 5 days more holidays than Berlin.

Quote of the week:
(click to enlarge)

Das Land auf der anderen Seite kenne ich nicht.
Es ist ein Märchenland.
Ich kann alles hineinträumen.

"The country on the other side, I don't know it.
It's a fairyland.
I can dream anything into it."

Switzerland and Austria will have to wait...
I might take the "fairy" to Constance, though. (haha, nice pun...)

I already got to know a lot of other students and saw the best student locations in Friedrichshafen: the [Beach Club], a bar directly at the water and the students bar [Belushi] (Es gibt einen kostenlosen Kicker!!).
Too bad (?) I don't like "Hefeweizen", I see myself drinking "Seeradler" all the time now cos... the other option would be to drink Beck's (yuck)... also since I have to go home by bike afterwards... it's better like this!, often I just drink a [Rivella]([]), which is a drink from Switzerland containing LactoSerum, similarly to Calpico/Calpis from Japan in case anyone knows that one.

Swabain Youtube Vid of the Week:

Star Wars in Swabian

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