Saturday, 13 September 2008

back from Oslo

So I'm back from Kiel and Oslo...
i took about 345 photos most of which you can find here (click the title in [...]):

[Kiel, Germany]

[Oslo City]

[ferries and Scandinavian sea]

[Oslo Park]

(diese komische Skischanze, die abgerissen werden soll)

(viking ships etc.)

[Hotel Thon Opera]

[Opera Oslo]

A frikkin beer in Oslo costs 5,50€ - 8€ WTF!!
but I just spent 11€ altogether.
2€ for three postcards and 9€ for a "Norwegian Prince" including tip (see ferry photos).
Oslo is beautiful, but very expensive.

I ate so much on the ferry and in the hotel, though. Buffet and a luxurious meal w/ soup, duck and mango whatnot dessert (and a chocolate cube that was complicated to eat).
Norwegian food: salmon (yummy!!!!) and prawns... *drool*

The ferry was hilariously luxurious and when I got in, I thought I was in a fancy shopping center. Turned out to be rather boring when you don't want to spend extra money...
I got a cabin for myself when the other four girls had to share one (two girls per cabin). Well, can't divide 5 by 2 w/o odds!

It's weird, I was away 5 days and when I got back to Friedrichshafen, I already felt like a stranger. I think I get used to new situations too easily.
I don't think I mind sleeping in hotel rooms :P.

I also liked Kiel. I can totally feel the East-Frisian/Northern German in me ;)

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