Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Country Life kehehe

After some speed-sightseeing of Seoul's most favourite markets (I'll post photos some other time), I went to Jeollabuk-do, South Korea's South-West to my granny's village Seokchi. My granny lives in a traditional Korean house (which is in no condition to be shown on the internet, however...) where my mom and her six siblings grew up and at her age of 80 still lives of farming. Fortunately, technology makes the rice harvest more convenient nowadays but many other works are just as tedious as back then.
Fresh fruits, vegetables and golden fields of rice!
Korean grapes taste very different from European grapes, though I think I know this taste from German Kirmes (kandierte Weintrauben).

We're close to the sea here.
A little crab that wasn't too timid to observe us from inside of his house.
Eventhough Buddhism is the traditional religion of Korea, the recent trend is for free churches to spread. Some older Catholic churches also exist.

No offense, but I think the traditional pagodas have more style... :P
Near Seokchi Village, there is the Buddhist Manghae temple (Manghaesa).

17th October


A little house next to Manghaesa.

Inside of the temple

Outside the temple

A Buddhist bell overlooking the sea.

A Buddhist toilet house :)

(The Lotus is the Buddhist symbol.)

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